Work Futures Program

IMG_5628Mission: To assist adults living with disabilities to find and retain both customized and competitive employment in the Pacific Northwest area.

How We Do the Work: Discovery; person-centered planning; career exploration; targeted community-based assessments; trial work experiences; skill building for job preparedness; working with job coaches and on the job supports and task analyses.

Chau with glasses WEBWho We Are: Work with one of our qualified Community Employment Specialists (CES).

Philosophy: Work Futures believes in building quality, long-term relationships based on mutual respect, understanding and trust with each individual for whom our team provides services.

We further believe in order to achieve the greatest outcomes for those we serve, cultivating relationships with our community partners and potential employers is paramount to ensure their needs are met as well.

Chau wipes table WEBOur Discovery process will assist us in highlighting the individual’s unique skills, talents and abilities that will serve as the gateway to their career exploration.

We are committed to supporting individuals to be successful in job skill(s) building, job searches, job placement and sustaining that work through their continued growth and our partners’ continued success.



  • Exceed Enterprises has been working with adults with disabilities since 1968
  • Work Futures has been working with job seekers since 2013
  • Qualified Job Developers work with clients who have developmental disabilities, Brokerages and Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • We are client-customer driven and we see our job seekers as 100% responsible for:
  • Meeting with job developers to be part of the process
  • Getting to job tours, interviews and work sites independently
  • Being the worker and liaison between the employer and Work Futures job developers

Program Contacts:
JaNae Hagel, CESP CES
Sheena Green, CES
LaShawn Chaney, CES
Jessica Matheny, CES
Tina McGanty, CES
Rhonda Bugaren, CES
Sheena Cooper, CES
John G. Canda, Work Futures Coordinator
Carrie Dickson, M.Ed., CESP Exec Director of Support Services