Upskills Program

The Upskills Employment Training Program is a comprehensive training program geared to the specific needs of the participant seeking integrated employment.20160504_122036

This Community First Choice program provides participants with community access to employment related opportunities. These training experiences enhance their work related skills and offer them opportunities to learn more about businesses and work opportunities in their respective communities.

20160219_104403 (2)The Upskills Employment Training Program is a training space to discuss life/work skills, challenges, and real time practice to overcome barriers to employment and independence at work and home.  Specific training in workplace attire, hygiene, safety and boundaries within the community, conversation pieces, resume and cover letter assistance, interview skills, attendance and time management and so forth. Discussing such topics in a safe, integrated environment will allow participants to gain self-confidence in the workplace.

The Upskills Employment Training Program will provide the following:

  • Comprehensive approach to work related skills20150518_104858
  • Community based learning
  • Social skills training
  • Performance evaluations
  • Business tours
  • CSET re-training and tours
  • Safety skill training
  • Healthy work related boundary skills

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