Sustainability Services

What is a Sustainability Service?

Exceed’s Sustainability Services include putting our workforce into action recovering, recycling, reusing materials. We can also help your company manufacture products using re-purposed materials or disassemble products for recycling. All of these services prevent waste, reduce/cut greenhouse gases, water, toxic materials, and natural resources and help you reduce your companies environmental footprint!

Exceed helps your company obtain “triple-bottom line” results:

  1. Economic Advantage- outsource production tasks for efficiency and savings
  2. Social Advantage- provide employment for people with disabilities
  3. Environmental- employ Exceed to help you with recycling, re-manufacturing, re-use

Examples of Sustainability Services:

  • Exceed teams re-build hundreds of pallets each day instead of sending them to the landfill. Broken boards are replaced with new boards and pallets are put back into service.
  • Exceed teams help pull re-usable materials out of the waste stream at transfer stations so they can be re-used
    or recycled.
  • Exceed teams disassemble mattresses
    so re-usable materials can be recycled instead of clogging up transfer stations, breaking equipment and taking up landfill space. Mattresses currently account for about 3% of Portland Metro’s landfill-bound waste.
  • Exceed can sort and disassemble materials for manufacturing, assemble, kit and package your products made from recovered or recycled materials.
  • Exceed offers “green packaging “options that have high post-consumer content, reduce material volume or that can be recycled.
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Exceed strives to be a “green” company by adopting sustainable business practices.

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