Community Social Enterprise Team (CSET)

What is a CSET?

Exceed supplies and maintains a consistent, dedicated and long-term workforce for a variety of local businesses, allowing those companies to maintain oversight of their product and workflow, avoid high transportation costs and assure that quality is maintained to their specifications.

How is a CSET established?

4-21-15 WEB3Exceed provides a work crew along with a working supervisor. The supervisor will learn your job procedures and quality standards (at no expense to your company), and then instruct, train and supervise the work team. Exceed will train enough team members to provide adequate coverage when regular team members are absent or if you require a temporary increase in the workforce.

As an independent contractor, Exceed will take care of drug testing and criminal background checks, all workers’ wages and taxes, workers compensation and unemployment insurance and other employee benefit costs. We also comply with all of your required reporting needs.

What benefits does your company receive?

  • We provide a cost-effective, skilled and supervised workforce.
  • We assure a consistent workforce versus “temp walk-on and replacement problems.”
  • We reduce your monthly recruiting costs.
  • We handle all of the human resource issues for our team.
  • We process one monthly invoice. You write one monthly check.

Customers with CSETs

  • Coca-Cola (since 1998)
  • Georgia-Pacific (since 2009)
  • Northwest Fourslide (since 2015)
  • Recology (since 2014)
  • McMenamins
  • New Seasons Central Kitchen
  • Nike (1989-2008, operations moved to Memphis)
  • OIA Logistics (2009-2013)
  • Summit Container Corporation (2013-2014)

Our Mission

Investing in the success of persons with disabilities through the creation of service and business ventures that return both social and economic dividends.

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