Jesse is impressing his supervisors at Greenlayer

Since March 10, 2016 Jesse has taken pride in the work he does at Greenlayer. He starts with vacuuming and collecting garbage. He cleans the kitchen by wiping down the sink and counters and mops the floor. He finishes his shift by cleaning the bathrooms. But that is not all. Jesse goes the extra mile by dusting window sills, cleaning windows, wiping off equipment and just making sure the place looks good.

“From day one he knew exactly what needs to be done,” said Program Coordinator and Job Developer Rhonda Bugaren. “Jesse takes the initiative to do extra things to keep the place clean. That is what Greenlayer likes about Jesse and they have no intention of ever letting him go.”

Jesse participated in a work assessment to see if he liked the job and if Greenlayer liked him. They offered Jesse the job on the second day of the assessment. According to Rhonda, Greenlayer said Jesse is the best janitorial worker they have ever had.

“It’s a great atmosphere to work in,” said Jesse. “They are nice people and I get along with everyone.”