Exceed’s Wooden Spools Put to Good Use

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. For KLA School of Hillsboro, this environmental mantra is part of its culture.

The pre-school is the only one in Oregon that implements child initiated teacher facilitated learning. There is no set curriculum and teachers are required to be more creative in talking to kids and letting them lead the discussion.

Since the school opened its doors in March 2017, the emphasis has been on using donated materials such as tires from Costco for planters and wood from a local contractor. Franchise Owner at KLA Schools Shlomit Engel met Vice President of Business Development Debra Taevs at a Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce meeting and the discussion turned to recycling.

Franchise Owner at KLA Schools Shlomit Engel shows what the spools are made of.

Exceed Enterprises uses a programmable wire cutting machine to fulfill big, ongoing contracts with Boeing and Daimler Trucks North America. The fast, reliable machine enables our workers to build wire rope cable and stainless steel lanyard assemblies.
The wooden spool used to transport the wire is a byproduct of this operation. In an effort to keep these spools from ending up in the landfill, Exceed Enterprises donated them to Shlomit to reuse the spools at her school.

The teachers transformed the unattractive spools into colorful additions to classrooms at KLA School of Hillsboro and provide seats for the preschoolers.

“Debra is awesome and we discussed the work that Exceed does,” said Schlomit. “I’m looking to incorporate integration at our place and I have a couple of kids that are autistic. I want to teach our kids at this age that there is no abnormal.”

KLA of Hillsboro has three smaller spools in use and a stack of various sized spools in storage. Teachers are encouraged to come up with ideas for the spools such as different height toad stools for the playground to help teach balance.