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Jesse is impressing his supervisors at Greenlayer

Since March 10, 2016 Jesse has taken pride in the work he does at Greenlayer. He starts with vacuuming and collecting garbage. He cleans the kitchen by wiping down the sink and counters and mops the floor. He finishes his shift by cleaning the bathrooms. But that is not all. Jesse goes the extra mile… Read more »

Exceed’s Wooden Spools Put to Good Use

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. For KLA School of Hillsboro, this environmental mantra is part of its culture. The pre-school is the only one in Oregon that implements child initiated teacher facilitated learning. There is no set curriculum and teachers are required to be more creative in talking to kids and letting them lead the discussion. Since… Read more »

Danial Abdullah Overcomes Limitations in his job at Pizza Schmizza in Beaverton

Being open and communicating about his needs from the start helped Aloha resident Danial Abdullah gain employment at Pizza Schmizza Pub and Grub in Beaverton. He works the lunch rush Monday, Wednesday and Friday bussing and cleaning tables, washing dishes and windows and sweeping the floor. Danial’s honesty during the initial meeting impressed Store Manager… Read more »

Arv Hille is a Dedicated Volunteer at Exceed Enterprises

There are few individuals associated with Exceed that exemplify the willingness to be of service more than Arv Hille. Since retiring at the end of 2003 from Blount, Arv has basically taken on another full-time job, helping where needed at Exceed Enterprises. “I recommend it for someone who’s retired because it’s good to have assignments… Read more »

Maria is fitting in at Fred Meyer

When Maria Berovic is at work she is like the Energizer Bunny, its go, go, go. With a great smile, can do attitude, and unlimited ambition, Maria is feeling right at home at Wilsonville’s Fred Meyer. “She is so amazing because you don’t have to ask her four times or check up on the work… Read more »

Chloe’s Path Leads Her Back to Panera Bread

For Chloe Goss, when one Panera Bread door closes, another one opens. Chloe worked at Panera Cares Community Café, on NE Halsey, before it closed in May 2016. Now Chloe is clearing and wiping off tables, vacuuming, stocking paper products and condiments, taking dishes to the kitchen and assisting customers at the Panera Bread on… Read more »

In-House Work Center Remains Productive and Profitable

Even with the emphasis to find employment opportunities in the community for people with disabilities, the in-house work center on Mallard Way remains prosperous. Sales have increased over the past two years even though the number of supported workers has dropped from 120 to 66. This number will decrease by another 15 workers when the Community… Read more »

Angel Machado is dedicating proceeds from her paintings to help others

There is no better way to get out of your comfort zone than by participating in Exceed’s Emerge Art Program. Equipped with a paint brush, a blank canvas and a few general techniques, artists are on the way to finding their hidden creativity. Angel Machado is used to people telling her what to do. As… Read more »

Carole Matthews Found Her Volunteer Niche

With 16 years of experience as an elementary school music teacher, Carole is the perfect choice for choir director at the Community Enrichment and Learning Center (CELC). For the past four years Carole has inspired the choir to learn more advanced songs. What started with nursery rhymes like Farmer in the Dale has turned into… Read more »

Jack Breazeale is delighted to be part of the Happy Valley Station family

Jack Breazeale is thrilled to be working at the Happy Valley Station and absolutely ecstatic about being featured on their Facebook page. “I went viral,” said Jack with a big smile on his face. He enthusiastically added that he received 250 views, 14 comments and four shares. Happy Valley Station is located at 13551 SE… Read more »