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Exceed Enterprises works side by side with Northwest Fourslide

This short video illustrates the thriving relationship between Exceed Enterprises and Northwest Fourslide Inc., a Sherwood based company that manufactures precision metal stampings and wire forms. In February 2015, NW Fourslide hired four Exceed employees and two supervisors to focus on aerospace and medical contracts. Watch and learn about the work we do with NW Fourslide, how productive our folks are and what this work means to people with disabilities.


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Exceed provides quality employment and support services to adults with disabilities residing in the Portland metropolitan area.

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Help cultivate a world of success for people with disabilities throughout the Portland metropolitan area.

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Tylor Green at clothing store WEB

Exceed Launches Upskills Program

June 27, 2016

Community Inclusion is the opportunity to live in the community and be valued for one’s uniqueness and abilities like everyone else. Inclusion is important to all of us and it is especially important to people with disabilities who struggle with being accepted and fitting in. Exceed’s Community Inclusion program has focused on getting people with… Read more »

Jeanie cleans chair1 WEB

Exceed Work Crew is Rocking It at Rock Tavern and Cornelius Pass Roadhouse

June 24, 2016

Supervisor Brady Stroh’s work crew is finding its groove while cleaning, polishing and organizing at Rock Creek Tavern and Cornelius Pass Roadhouse. Both McMenamins locations feature a rustic feel with heavy wood tables, chandelier lighting and bar stools made of iron. On Monday and Tuesday the crew polishes tables, chairs, bar stools, floors, stacks wood… Read more »


Exceed Partners with Volunteers of America Charity Connections Vehicle Donation Program

June 23, 2016

Exceed Enterprises is excited to partner with Volunteers of America (VOA) through the Charity Connections Vehicle Donation Program and will receive 60% of the amount once a vehicle is sold. To sign up for the program visit and click on the yellow banner at the bottom of the home page. Volunteers of America will… Read more »

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